Speakers Series: Winning Decent Incomes – Social Assistance and the Fight for $15

fight for fifteen rally. "McJobs hurt us all" banner in front

Thursday September 21st
40 Oak Street (Parliament and Gerrard)

Free Event with a meal, childcare, wheelchair access and tokens.


Why is social assistance so low? What lessons can we learn from the fight to raise minimum wage? How do we win decent incomes for everyone? Join us at the September Speakers Series to find out.


Pam Frache is the Ontario Coordinator for the Fight for $15 and Fairness and an organizer with the Workers’ Action Centre. Previously, Pam has worked for the Ontario Federation of Labour and the Canadian Federation of Students. She is a long-time Toronto-based social justice and labour activist.

Yogi Acharya is an organizer with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and the Raise the Rates campaign.

The Speakers Series is a monthly event where we discuss issues critical to the success of poor people’s resistance.