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Help Fund The Fightback – Become an OCAP Sustainer

Although OCAP operates on a very modest budget, with two organizers, the operation of a downtown Toronto office, and a multitude of related expenses, we only just manage to scrape by. We need a stable source of regular support that can keep us afloat.

You can become a monthly sustainer by signing up to donate a set amount each month that will enable us to keep doing the casework and organizing that we do. Every dollar you donate helps us put more money the pockets of poor people.

To become a monthly sustainer, simply send a void cheque with amount to:

157 Carlton Street, Unit 201
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 2K3

You can also send us one-time donations by mailing a cheque to the address above.
For more information call us at 416-925-6939 or email


                                                HELP OCAP FIGHT BACK IN 2017!

   Despite the end of the Harper years, a supposedly moderate Liberal
Government in Ontario and a Toronto Mayor who talks the language of
'inclusiveness,' the impact of austerity on the poor and homeless has
only intensified this year.

   In beginning of 2016, we produced and 'Out in the Cold' report that
documented the terrible conditions in Toronto's homeless shelters,
warming centres, drop ins and in the church run voluntary facilities. 
We used this to press for additional shelter space to be opened. 
Despite some concessions by the City, the shelters have remained full
throughout the summer months and we go into the winter with a
desperately dangerous situation of overcrowding.  In November, we held
a gala screening of a video we had co-operated in producing on the
homeless crisis, called 'Bursting at the Seams.' It was shown right on
the street outside Mayor John Tory's luxury condo. On December 15, we
will be marching on a facility the City could and must open as shelter

   Since the Province downloaded the Community Start Up and Maintenance
Benefit onto the municipalities, people seeking to prevent or escape
from situations of homelessness have been in worse shape than ever.
Toronto's Housing Stabilization Fund (HSF) is a travesty. Earlier this
year, we fought out the case of a disabled woman and her two sons who
were denied the HSF on grounds of 'excess income.'  A mass delegation
to City Hall led to the reversal of the decision and the release of the
City's policies.  Disabled people were being discriminated against and
even people in severe poverty were being ruled ineligible. These
policies have been overturned as a result of the challenge we took up,
ensuring many more people will have access to this vital benefit.

   At this moment, with food costs and electricity bills soaring, people
on social assistance are unable to eat properly and pay their rent. The
Wynne Government is holding yet more meaningless consultations that we
have joined with others in confronting. In 2017, we plan to redouble
our efforts to win a meaningful increase in social assistance rates in

   Next year will be very challenging and we will be struggling to find
the resources necessary to carry out our organizing work in communities
under attack. Any and all support will be of huge assistance and
greatly appreciated. Donations can be sent to OCAP at 157 Carlton
Street, Unite 210, Toronto, ON M5A 2K3

   We also are selling for $20 a beautiful photo book covering the first
25 years of OCAP's struggles. It can be picked up from our office or
mailed out for a small extra cost.

   Thanks for your support and solidarity